Melamine resin particles, Fluorescent and Carboxyl-functionalized (MF-Fluo-COOH)

Our fluorescently labelled melamine resin particles with carboxylic groups on the surface (MF-Fluo-COOH) have many favorable properties, similar to its unmodified counterparts: high monodispersity, (CV < 5 %), spherical shape, high optical transparency, high mechanical and thermal stability as well as high stability in common organic solvents and oils. The incorporation of carboxylic groups on the surface of our fluorescent MF particles results in a well-established chemical platform for coupling bioligands (proteins, antibodies, enzymes etc). All carboxylated fluorescent particles are available in a range of discrete sizes from 500 nm to 12 µm and with carboxylic group densities from 100 µmol/g to 1500 µmol/g depending on the particle size. The products are delivered as a 2,5 % w/v aqueous suspensions or as dry powders (for sizes > 1 µm).
Fluorescent dyes:
FITC: Abs/Em  506/529 nm
RhB:  Abs/Em  560/584 nm
NB:    Abs/Em  636/686 nm

Fluorescence Mean


(Strictly net)
MF-RhB-COOH-S2252Red 0.36610.06602.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-IM42Red 0.3955.16252.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-FITC-COOH-S1014Green 0.481202.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-NB-COOH-S2723Red 0.4950.035.32002.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-AR582Red 0.620.034.83752.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-FITC-COOH-S1018Green 0.91302.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-NB-COOH-S3812Red 0.970.055.21502.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-S961Red from 374,00 EUR
MF-FITC-COOH-S2794Green 1.260.0352.82652.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-IM44Red 20.073.510502.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-IM43Red 2.810.144.79502.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-NB-COOH-S2722Red 40.061.54802.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-FITC-COOH-S1080Green 4.330.081.72802.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-S1079Red 4.340.092.02302.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-IM45Red 4.930.091.913002.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-NB-COOH-S1336Red 5.360.091.86202.5 from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-IM47Red from 374,00 EUR
MF-RhB-COOH-IM46Red 9.840.262.66502.5 from 374,00 EUR

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