Melamine resin particles, Blue-fluorescent (MF-FluoBlue): Ex/Em 360/429 nm

Monodisperse fluorescently labelled melamine resin particles were introduced by microParticles GmbH as a new and versatile product family in the late 1990’s. They are prepared by an acid-catalyzed polycondensation process in aqueous solution using melamine resin precursors in presence of various fluorophores. The particles have excellent properties such as high monodispersity (CV < 5 %), spherical shape, high optical transparency, high mechanical, thermal, and chemical stability, strong fluorescence, and high refractive index. They can be produced with blue, green, orange, and red fluorescence in a wide diameter range with different fluorescence intensities as well as with a variable surface chemistry/functionality. The fluorescently labelled MF microspheres have the additional advantage of being stable in common organic solvents and oils without any dyeleaching, swelling, or shrinking. Our Blue-fluorescent melamine resin particles are available in a range of discrete sizes from 1 Ám to 12 Ám and can be delivered as a 2,5 % w/v aqueous suspension or as dry powders (for sizes >1 Ám). Diameters and size distributions are measured by differnt measuring techniques like scanning electron microscopy, Differential Sedimentation (CPS disc centrifuge), Coulter-devices, and optical microscopy.


(Strictly net)
MF-FluoBlue-1.0MF-FluoBlue-S8280.93 from 275.00 EUR
MF-FluoBlue-2.0MF- FluoBlue-L9501.91 from 308.00 EUR
MF-FluoBlue-2.0MF-FluoBlue-L951-12.08 from 308.00 EUR
MF-FluoBlue 2.4MF-FluoBlue-L9522.44 from 308.00 EUR
MF-FluoBlue-4.7MF-FluoBlue-01704.71 from 308.00 EUR
MF-FluoBlue 6.5MF-FluoBlue-L9456.55 from 308.00 EUR
MF-FluoBlue 7.4MF-FluoBlue-L9467.37 from 308.00 EUR
MF-FluoBlue 9.8MF-FluoBlue-L9489.78 from 308.00 EUR

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