LucyPlex Blue/Green SA Multiplex Assay

The LucyPlex Multiplex assays enable the non-invasive, synchronous detection of up to 10 analytes in one sample. Particle sets consists of different fluorescence intensities available for FITC-, PERCP- und APC-channel.

The surface modification with carboxyl-groups, Streptavidin A  and further modifications enables individual labeling of antibodies, oligonucleotides and peptides, respectively. Thus various medical topics can be edited (liquid biopsy).

The new LucyPlex Multiplex Assay from microparticles GmbH is characterized by small signal widths in all optical channels of flow cytometry (forward scatter, side scatter and fluorescence channels). Our LucyPlex Multiplex Assays can be used on all standard flow cytometers.

In additional to that we offer variation of fluorescence dyes and surface modification (amino-, biotinyl-, peptide A usw.). Please contact us for further information.

  • multiplex assay kit for flow cytometers
  • Diameter: nominal 3 ┬Ám
  • Laser wavelength for particle incorporated dye:
    • Excitation: 488 nm, 532 nm
    • Emission: FITC- (536/40 nm) und PE-channel (590/50 nm)
  • Detection secondary dyes:
    • Laser: 632 nm
    • Emission: APC-channel (675/20 nm)
ModificationPeaksNominal Size
(Strictly net)
LucyPlex Blue/Green-SA-1SA 13107/ml1 x 1ml from 220,00 EUR
LucyPlex Blue/Green-SA-3SA 33107/ml3 x 1ml from 390,00 EUR
LucyPlex Blue/Green-SA-5SA 53107/ml5 x 1ml from 490,00 EUR

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