Polystyrene particles, Red-fluorescent (PS-FluoRed): Ex/Em 530 nm/607 nm

Our fluorescently labelled polystyrene particles (PS-Fluo) are prepared by copolymerization of styrene with various organic fluorescent dyes or by incorporation of selected fluorophores into monodisperse polystyrene particles by means of swelling processes. These processes generate polymer particles with favorable properties such as high monodispersity, (CV < 5 %), spherical shape, low density (1,05 g/cm3), brilliant and bright fluorescence as well as minimized dye leaching into the surrounding aqueous medium. At present, microParticles GmbH offers two types of fluorescent polystyrene particles with green as well as red fluorescence in the size range from 300 nm to 100 µm. Diameters and size distributions are measured by differnt measuring techniques like scanning electron microscopy, Differential Sedimentation (CPS disc centrifuge), Coulter-devices, and optical microscopy. All fluorescent particles are available as 2,5 % w/v aqueous suspension or as dry powders (above 5 µm).


(Strictly net)
PS-FluoRed-0.5 PS-FluoRed-Fi298 0.5070.012.32.5 from 412,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-1.0 PS-FluoRed-Fi296 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-1.5 PS-FluoRed-Fi277 1.610.042.32.5 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-2.0 PS-FluoRed-Fi320 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-2.5 PS-FluoRed-W7 2.490.031.12.5 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-3.0 PS-FluoRed-Fi306 2.990.072.42.5 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-3.5 PS-FluoRed-Fi236 3.550.072.02.5 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-4.0 PS-FluoRed-Fi191 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-4.5 PS-FluoRed-Fi240 4.470.143.02.5 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-5.0 PS-FluoRed-Fi337 4.990.163.22.5 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-5.0 PS-FluoRed-W4 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-8.0 PS-FluoRed-Fi219 7.760.121.52.5 from 468,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-10.0 PS-FluoRed-Fi361 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-15.5 PS-FluoRed-Fi264 15.350.302.02.5 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-20 PS-FluoRed-W45 19.90.392.02.5 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-25 PS-FluoRed-Fi251 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-30 PS-FluoRed-Fi334 28.610.291.02.5 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-35 PS-FluoRed-Fi290 33.030.621.92.5 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-50 PS-FluoRed-Fi227 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-50 PS-FluoRed-W22 48.50.450.92.5 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-65 PS-FluoRed-Fi340 630.951.52.5 from 506,00 EUR
PS-FluoRed-100 PS-FluoRed-Fi274 from 506,00 EUR

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